How to sell?

Registration on the site gives you the following opportunities:

  •   Do shopping
  •   Communicate with sellers regarding transaction details
  •   Open your own store
  •   Assess goods
  •   Leave comments
  •   Create your own list of favorite products and stores

To open your own store, you need to follow the link at the top of the page to your personal account, where you need to click on the "Sell now or declare" button. Fill out general store information.

Each store works with products of certain categories. You can always add additional categories to your store. If your product does not fit into any of the proposed categories - inform the administration about it.

Form your list of categories, products in which you would like to sell and click the "Save selection" button.

If you need to change the list of categories, click the "Manage Categories" button.

To add a product to the store, click on the corresponding button on the store management page. Provide product information, upload photos and images. Click the "Save" button.

Also, it is advisable to add a main image representing your store. To do this, click the "Change my store sign" button on the store management page. You can get access to this page either from your personal account or via the link at the top of the page.

When the buyer decides to dominate your product, a notification will be sent to your e-mail address, and you will also receive a message on the site, which can be read in your personal account from the "sales management" section.

The buyer will provide you with his details and delivery address. In response, you must confirm that you have accepted the order, are ready to fulfill it and provide the details for payment, or discuss other terms of the transaction. Particular attention should be paid to discussing delivery options and clarify who pays for it. Do not forget to change the order status after each important step (you are familiar with the order, received payment, sent the goods, etc.).

Happy sales!